The Ultimate Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium.


Introducing JellyTank


JellyTank Technology

JellyTank is a custom designed aquarium with a flow bar design based on form & function, and backed by science with the assistance of a nationally accredited aquarium and research laboratory.  Our tank offers a true laminar [pump driven] water flow similar-to what jellyfish would experience in their natural environment  The JellyTank has a powerful Integrated mechanical and biological filtration system ensuring optimal water quality and is easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning.  Included in the tank is a remote LED for easy lighting and mood changes.  The JellyTank is made of premium high-grade aquarium acrylic and is available in ultra-white or premium-black

“This is pretty much the coolest invention, and the fact that it can be yours for about 200 bucks is insane. You’ll probably never want to own a beta fish again.”

- Augusta,

“Insanely calming, and looks really cool in the dark under different colored LED lighting. Your kids will become mesmerized by this sexy 5-gallon desktop aquarium.”

- Dave,