JellyTank 5.0 With Starter Kit
JellyTank 5.0 With Starter Kit

JellyTank 5.0 With Starter Kit

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JellyTank is a desktop jellyfish aquarium housing everything you need to keep pet jellyfish. It’s clean modern design is perfect for the home, office or classroom as it’s built with functionality first without compromising aesthetic. The JellyTank is a 5 gallon jellyfish aquarium and is designed in a way to recreate the movement of the tides and currents allowing the jellies to flow, swim and eat easily. The JellyTank comes with everything you need including an LED light that changes with your mood via remote control.

Included in this package is a JellyTank and Starter Kit for the discounted price of $300.

  • JellyTank 5.0
  • Bio Balls
  • Water pump, LED Light & Controller
  • Starter Kit Items Include: Brush, Salt, JellyFeeder, Jellyfish Food, Hydrometer, Filter Pads, and Starter Bio, 

The starter kit includes everything you'll need to get started and maintain your JellyTank.  The starter kit does not include jellyfish.  We are currently out of stock in jellyfish but have 2 suppliers we will refer our customers to.

JellyTank orders are typically shipped out within 2 to 5 business days.